4 Common Outreach Mistakes to Avoid

May 25, 2016

4 Common Outreach Mistakes to Avoid

Make no mistake: you will likely make mistakes as you embark on a new outreach program. It simply comes with the territory. How you manage those mistakes will help determine how successful your outreach efforts will be.

In true LabLeaders fashion, various solutions will be shared throughout our community to help us all redefine the value of the lab. Together.

Follow the words of caution and advice in this creative visualization of four common outreach mistakes. Avoid making them in your lab and you’ll be well on your way to outreach success!


Article highlights:

  • Mistakes are a part of any new outreach endeavor; avoiding the big ones can increase your chances of achieving success
  • Learn more about the costly consequences of common outreach mistakes
  • Follow the advice of these LabLeaders contributors to steer clear of those consequences before they happen

Contributing Lab Leaders

Vicky McClain

Vicky McClain

Director, Laboratory Services,
Huntsville Hospital

Wally Hopp, Ph.D.

Bob King

Senior Vice President,
The Medical Foundation

Leo Serrano

Leo Serrano,  FACHE, DLM (ASCP)

Clinical and Operational Consultant, Firstpath, LLC

Bob Marzinik

John Marzinzik

President and CEO, Frisbie Memorial Hospital

infographic - 1. Failing to define
infographic - 2. Under-resourcing
infographic - 3. Middle mis-management
infographic - 4. Billing blunders

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