When to Stay Out of Outreach: 3 Signs That Your Lab May Not Be Ready Yet

October 12, 2016

When to Stay Out of Outreach: 3 Signs That Your Lab May Not Be Ready Yet

Is your lab really ready for outreach? The truth is, laboratorians never feel fully prepared. Embarking on a program means accepting a certain level of risk, being flexible enough to learn as you go, and skillfully adjusting your game plan as circumstances warrant.

But in some cases, challenges within the lab dictate a more prudent course. It may be better to stay out of outreach for the moment and work to overcome those challenges before putting a program in place.

To help you determine if your lab is ready, our lab leaders have highlighted three of the top warning signs that outreach may not be the right course yet. Assess your lab’s current situation against this quick, creative visualization.

If you see any of these warning signs, look to the LabLeaders resources we recommend at the end of this article to help you begin addressing them.



Article highlights:

  • Before embarking on an outreach program, make sure your lab is properly prepared for success
  • Pay attention to three key areas—if you see warning signs in any of them, it may be best to defer outreach for the time being
  • Take action to correct issues as quickly as you can because outreach remains imperative to your lab’s success

Contributing Lab Leaders

Vicky McClain

Vicky McClain

Director, Laboratory Services
Huntsville Hospital

Wally Hopp, Ph.D.

Bob King

Senior Vice President
The Medical Foundation

Bob Marzinik

John Marzinzik

President and CEO
Frisbie Memorial Hospital

John David Nolan, M.D., Ph. D.

John David Nolan, M.D., Ph.D.

Senior Director and G.M. for Laboratory Medicine

Cemer Corporation

Leo Serrano

Leo Serrano, FACHE, DLM (ASCP)

Clinical and Operational Consultant
Firstpath, LLC

infographic - 1. Lack of strategic vision
infographic - 2. Risk-averse attitude
infographic - 3. Rigid IT infrastructure
infographic - 4. Workable solutions

Additional resources

  • The Top Five Outreach Industry Trends
    By Kathleen Murphy
    This white paper shares the leading five trends in laboratory outreach based on findings from Chi Solutions’ eighth annual survey.

  • The Strategic Value of Laboratory Outreach
    By Robert R. Reed and Arjen Westerink
    Read up on these best practices for establishing a laboratory outreach program and strengthening ties between the hospital and the physician community. 

  • Laboratory Outreach Success
    By Jane Hermansen
    Implementing a laboratory outreach program is complex, according to Hermansen, and leaders cannot expect to execute successfully without first gaining buy-in from laboratory staff.

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